HEADCASES - Creator, Director & Exec
This eight-part CGI series for ITV1 got some of the highest ratings for an animation in the UK in the noughties - beating even South Park and the Simpsons! It was an ambitious project - being the first topical CGI show on telly!

To see a few of my favourite sketches on the show - click on the Headcases tab above.

  • Nominated for Best New Programme in the Broadcast Awards
  • Best Sketch Show Winner at the C21 Format Awards in Cannes
  • RTS Award Winner for Design and Craft Innovation.





GARBAGE MAN - Director & Co-writer
We made this film for around $300 Aussie. Mind you, given how much the pound has crashed since we made it - that sounds quite a big budget, now... at the time it was only about £100. Itís obviously an extremely silly satire, and I like to think it brought the down the Bush administration.

Despite the limitations of the micro-budget, itís done well at international festivals, and was:

  • selected for Australiaís Tropfest (one of 12 films out of 1200, it won Best Score);
  • it won Silver at Viennaís Ohne Kohle Festival
  • and was selected for Cincinnattiís International Festival of Horror.





This is a short I directed for BBC Online, ahead of the General Election. Turn around was about a week - as we were responding to events on the campaign trail. Some fab performances by a top cast, including: Little Miss Jocelyn, Lucy Montgomery, Sarah Kendall, Alex Kirk and Isabel Fay.

SEND IN THE CLOWNS Director, Writer & Exec
Director-Writer-Exec. Apparently there are troops of clown-doctors who go to war-torn areas to cheer people up... proving that truth is sillier than fiction. So I imagined this scenario in Afghanistan.

We got an amazing deal on flights and shot this on the cheap in Morocco. It stars the fantastic duo of Kulvinder Ghir (of Goodness Gracious Me fame) and Dave Lamb (the voice of Come Dine With Me).

(Original version was 22 mins; this has been chopped down to 6.30 mins for the internet)

  • SITC has played at numerous international film festivals - winning Best Short Mockumentary at MockFest in L.A.
  • Selected for Brighton Festival
  • Selected for L.A. Short Festival







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